Honey Matcha Bubble Tea

Dive into a world where tradition meets innovation, and each sip is a journey of delightful surprises. Picture this: the earthy embrace of matcha, the sweet serenade of honeydew, and the fruity explosion of strawberries, all in one cup. But that's not all—imagine the playful dance of chewy jelly and the juicy burst of popping boba, elevating your tea experience to a whole new level.

Unravel the layers of this concoction and explore the mesmerizing colors, the delightful textures, and the perfect fusion of timeless classics and contemporary creativity.

What You'll Need

Let's Get Cooking!

Prepare the Matcha Ice Cubes (prepare couple hours in advance)

1. Make the Matcha Liquid:

In a measuring cup, mix 0.5 tablespoon of matcha mix with 75 ml of warm water. 

2. Freeze the Matcha Liquid:
Pour the mixture into your ice cube tray and place the ice cube tray into the freezer. In our Instagram/ TikTok video guide, we’ve opted to use a cute rose-shaped ice cube tray and make one large ice cube!

Prepare the Strawberry Popping Pearls

1. Pour the Popping Pearls into a Bowl

Pour the strawberry popping pearls from the bottle into a bowl. Make sure to pour the strawberry juice that comes out back into the bottle with a funnel to ensure that the remainder of the popping pearls in the bottle stay hydrated/ don’t deflate!

Prepare the Matcha Mix

1. Dissolve the Matcha Mix:

In a second measuring cup, mix 2 teaspoons of matcha powder with 250 ml of warm water. Stir until the powder is fully dissolved in the water.

Prepare the Honeydew Froth

1. Dissolve the Honeydew Mix:

In a second bowl, mix the honeydew powder with the liquid milk or milk alternative. Stir until the powder is fully dissolved.

2. Froth the Honeydew Liquid:

Using a handheld frother or frothing machine, froth the honeydew liquid into a foam.

Assemble the Drink

1. Add the Strawberry Popping Pearls and Jelly:

Place the strawberry popping pearls and jelly at the bottom of the 500ml cup.

2. Add the Matcha Ice Cubes:

Remove the matcha ice cubes from the freezer and place them gently into your cup. Ensure not to throw them in to the cup, so that they don’t pop the fragile strawberry popping pearls underneath.

3. Pour the Matcha in:

Pour the matcha into the cup over the ice cubes to cool the drink down. 

4. Layer on the Honeydew Froth:

Slowly pour the honeydew froth onto the top of the drink.

5. Snap a picture of your beautiful drink!

6. Mix your Drink and Sweeten to Taste:

Mix all the layers together and enjoy! 

Adding more matcha mix or honeydew froth: Makes the drink more flavorful.

Adding more unsweetened milk/ milk alternative: Lessens the sweetness of the drink + makes it more creamy.

Adding more fructose/ brown sugar syrup: Sweetens the drink.

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