Where do You Ship to?

We offer shipping across Canada and the United States. We are looking to expand our shipping options to other countries, so keep checking back!

What are Your Delivery Charges?


Shipping charges vary based on order size and province. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $70 CAD!


United States

Enjoy free shipping on orders over $70 USD! A flat shipping fee of $10.50 USD is charged on orders of $70 or less.


How Long Does Delivery Take?

We strive to fulfill orders as soon as possible. Please allow us 2-3 business days to package your order, as each order is custom packed! Once the order has been packed, you should receive your product(s) within the estimated time frame noted at checkout. You will be provided with a tracking number and link to track your parcel via email once your order has been shipped out!

The delivery time frames noted at checkout are our best estimates and are not guarantees. They will always be quoted in business days (ie. not including weekends & holidays). Once packages are sent out with our shipping provider, delivery times and delays due to extreme weather conditions are unfortunately out of our control.

What Can Be Done About Urgent Orders?

Please feel free to contact us via email at info@baubleboba.com, and let us know your order number as well as when you require the order to be delivered by! We will try our best to accommodate and prioritize any urgent orders. 

How Do I Fix an Issue with my Order?

Though shipping issues are rare, we will try our best to help fix any delivery issues encountered. If you have a specific question or concern about your shipment, please email us at info@baubleboba.com along with your order number. In most cases, we will need to contact our postal carrier to figure out how to resolve the delivery issue.

However, Bauble Boba Corp. is not held responsible for:

  • Incorrect addresses given by customers (any costs for re-shipment will be charged back to the customer)
  • Any minor leakage from Popping Pearl bottles (ie. popping pearls that have not popped and a small amount of leaked juice that is contained within the separate plastic bag around the bottle, is considered a "minor" leakage)

How Do I Adjust the Taste of My Bubble Tea to Fit My Preferences?

The best part of our 5 Minute Bubble Tea Kits is that you can customize your bubble tea to fit your exact preferences! Here is a general guideline of how to tweak your bubble tea to fit you just right!

To adjust the creaminess of your bubble tea - add more/ less lactose-free creamer/ creamy fruit powder mix

To adjust the sweetness of your bubble tea - add more/ less sugar or fructose sugar syrup

To adjust the temperature/ dilution of your bubble tea - add more/ less ice cubes

To adjust the chewiness of your boba pearls - the longer the boba pearls are cooked, the softer and less chewy they will get! The recommended cooking time of 5 minutes will get the boba pearls to the chewiness level that you'll find at most bubble tea shops!

How Should I Store My Bubble Tea Kit?

Unopened & dry/ uncooked 5 Min Boba/ Tapioca Pearls: Keep in the freezer.

Opened & dry/ uncooked 5 Min Boba/ Tapioca Pearls: Put the remainder of the boba pearls in a resealable Ziploc bag with the air pushed out and then place them in the freezer

Syrups, Popping Pearls, Jelly containers: Keep in the refrigerator.

Dry Bubble Tea Powders and Teas: Keep in cool and dry area, and away from continuous direct sunlight.

What is the Expiry Date of the Products?

Our products are well-preserved, so there is a wider range of how long they can stay fresh for, which is highly dependent on how they are stored at home. We recommend consuming all products within 2 months of receiving them.

Can I Boil Extra Boba Pearls and Store Them in the Fridge?

Please only boil/ cook the amount of boba/ tapioca pearls that you are planning to consume on the same day. We do not recommend putting boba pearls in the fridge, as that can cause the boba pearls to harden and become difficult to chew.

What Does Lactose-Free Creamer or Powder Mean?

Our lactose-free creamers and powdered bubble tea mixes are mainly formulated to be suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals to consume. Per national food guidelines, lactose-free creamer can still contain certain milk proteins to replicate the creaminess and richness of real milk, and is different from being dairy-free. Thus, we do not recommend individuals with an allergy to any milk compounds to consume our lactose-free creamer and powdered bubble tea mixes.