Magic Butterfly Apple Bubble Tea

Get drawn into a world of whimsical and haunting beauty with this boba, reminiscent of a moonlit forest. Each sip offers a tantalizing transformation, as the blue hues of the butterfly pea mix transitions to shades of mesmerizing purple and pink when melded with the green apple syrup. It's a liquid enchantment, a potion that allows you to experience the haunt of Halloween in every sip.

What You'll Need

Let's Get Cooking!

Preparing 5 Min Black Sugar Boba Pearls

1. Boil the Boba Pearls:

Boil the boba pearls for 5 minutes according to your Bauble Boba cooking manual. 

2. Cool the Boba Pearls:

Soak the boba pearls in a bowl of cold water for 1 minute to cool them down, then place them to the side.

Prepare the Green Apple Mixture

1. Steep the Green Tea:

Place the green tea bag into the 250 ml cup. Bring 200 ml of water to a boil and pour it into the cup. Steep the tea bag for 1 minute and remove it afterwards.

2. Add the Green Aple Syrup:

Add the Green Apple Syrup to the cup and stir, ensuring that all the syrup is mixed with the green tea and that the mixture has fully turned green.

Prepare the Butterfly Pea Mixture

1. Add the Butterfly Pea Mix:

Place the butterfly pea mix into the 125 ml cup with a spout/ beaker

2. Add Water:

Pour 100 ml of cool water into the cup and stir, ensuring that all the powder is mixed with the water and that the mixture has fully turned blue.

Assemble the Drink

1. Add the Boba Pearls:

Place the black sugar boba pearls at the bottom of the 500 ml cup.

2. Add the Ice Cubes:

Remove the ice cubes from the freezer and place them into your cup. 

3. Pour the Green Apple Mixture in:

Pour the green apple mixture into the cup over the ice cubes to cool the drink down. 

4. Pour in the Butterfly Pea Mixture in:

Top up the cup with more ice cubes. Very slowly and carefully, pour in the butterfly pea mixture into the top of the drink. Tip: Use a spoon to scoop the butterfly pea mixture into the top of the cup to create a finer line or divide between the butterfly pea mix color and the green apple mixture.

5. Snap a picture of your mesmerizing drink!

6. Mix your Drink and Sweeten to Taste:

Mix everything together and enjoy! 

Adjust Your Drink to your Preferences

Adding more green tea or ice cubes: Makes the drink less sweet + less flavorful.

Adding more fruit syrup: Sweetens the drink + makes it more flavorful.

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