Premium Teabags for Fruit Tea

$4.50 CAD

These tried-and-true tea leaves will make your fruit tea bubble tea taste just like the ones from your favorite bubble tea store! 


Make sure to get some of our fruit syrups and toppings to make your own bubble tea from the comfort of your home, and for a much lower price too!

♻️ Our packaging is recyclable & teabags are compostable


Product Details

Small: 2 g x 6 teabags (Makes 6-8 cups of bubble tea)

Large: 2g x 12 teabags (Makes 12-15 cups of bubble tea)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great flavour and colour of tea. Recommend for any Boba drinks

Sabrina S.
Best at Home Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea has always been one of my favorite drinks, being able to make it at home is absolutely amazing, planning a restock soon!


It's ok, just tea

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