Candy Corn Bubble Tea

Get into the Halloween spirit by making this boba inspired by the colorful, vibrant hues of Candy Corn! The signature blend of creamy and fragrant notes of Thai Milk Tea paired with the Mango Jelly adds a refreshing, fruity twist with every chewy bite. Let this boba potion transport you to a world where the mysterious and the delicious converge, making it the perfect treat for a spooktacular evening.


What You'll Need

Let's Get Cooking!

Prepare the Thai Milk Tea Mix

1. Dissolve the Thai Milk Tea Mix:

In one 500 ml cup, mix the thai milk tea powder with 200 ml of warm water. Stir until the powder is fully dissolved in the water.

Assemble the Drink

1. Add the Mango Jelly and Ice Cubes:

Place the mango jelly at the bottom of an empty 500 ml cup. Add the ice cubes into the cup.

2. Pour the Thai Milk Tea in:

Pour the thai milk tea into the cup over the ice cubes to cool the drink. 

3. Frothe and Layer on the Milk/ Milk Alternative:

Frothe your milk or milk alternative and pour it slowly onto the top of the drink.

5. Snap a picture of your spooky drink!

6. Mix your Drink and Sweeten to Taste:

Mix all the layers together and enjoy! 

Adding more thai milk tea mix: Makes the drink more flavorful.

Adding more unsweetened milk/ milk alternative: Lessens the sweetness of the drink + makes it more creamy.

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