Bloody Lychee Berry Boba

Wow your family and friends with this Bloody Lychee Berry Bubble Tea! While you sip, the lychee popping pearls and jellies will burst with a delightful eeriness, while the blood-red strawberry drizzle oozes down the sides, making it the perfect spooky treat for a Halloween night. Sipping on this bubble tea feels like sipping on a potion from a haunted cauldron, with the sweet lychee and tangy strawberry flavors casting a spell on your taste buds.

What You'll Need

Let's Get Cooking!

Prepare the Lychee Popping Pearls:

1. Pour the Popping Pearls into a Bowl

Pour the lychee popping pearls from the bottle into the bowl. Make sure to pour the lychee juice that comes out back into the bottle to ensure that the remainder of the popping pearls in the bottle stay hydrated/ don’t deflate!

Prepare the Green Tea

1. Steep the Green Tea

Place the green tea bag into the 300 ml cup. Bring 250 ml of water to a boil and pour it into the cup. Steep the tea bag for 1 minute and remove it afterwards.

Assemble the Drink

1. Drizzle the Cup:

With a spoon, line the rim of the 500 ml cup with 1.5 tablespoons of strawberry syrup. Let the syrup naturally drip down the sides of the cup from the rim to create an oozing effect. Alternatively, you can simply drizzle the syrup onto the sides of the cup normally. Tip: If the strawberry syrup is too stiff to work with/ too clumpy from being in the fridge, warm it up in the microwave for 5-10 seconds to make the syrup more malleable/ easier to drizzle.

2. Add the Lychee Popping Pearls and Jelly:

Place the lychee popping pearls and jelly at the bottom of the cup.

2. Add the Ice Cubes:

Remove the ice cubes from the freezer and place them gently into your cup. Ensure not to throw them in to the cup, so that they don’t pop the fragile lychee popping pearls underneath.

3. Pour the Green Tea in:

Pour the green tea into the cup over the ice cubes to cool the drink. 

4. Add the Lychee Syrup:

Add the Lychee Syrup to the cup.

5. Snap a picture of your beautiful drink!

6. Mix your Drink and Sweeten to Taste:

Mix everything together and enjoy! 

Adding more green tea or ice cubes: Makes the drink less sweet + less flavorful.

Adding more fruit syrup: Sweetens the drink + makes it more flavorful.

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