Perles de Boba au sucre noir en 5 minutes

$9.00 CAD $13.00 CAD

Besoin d’une recharge de nos perles boba signature de 5 minutes ? Nous vous avons !

Assurez-vous de vous procurer certains de nos autres ingrédients pour préparer votre propre bubble tea dans le confort de votre maison et à un prix bien inférieur !

♻️ Nos emballages sont recyclables et respectueux de l'environnement

Type de garniture

Cuisson requise, temps d'ébullition de 5 minutes

détails du produit

Petit : 215 g (Donne 6 à 8 tasses de bubble tea)

Grand : 430 g (Donne 12 à 15 tasses de bubble tea)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

No flavour other than a slight plastic-adjent taste that is either from the tapioca starch or maybe some preservative or stabilizing agent. They do cook fast, and the texture is good, but I don't think that makes up for how nothing-y they taste.

Holley S.

I've found that getting boba from shops I occasionally get some pearls that are undercooked, old, etc., but this way I can have them cooked exactly to my liking. Very easy to prepare, the large bad lasts for a long time, and I can make any kind of tea imaginable into a bubble tea and not be limited to what flavours are in local shops.
One thing to keep in mind is that cook time is 5 minutes, but there will still be a little additional time for the water to boil, running them under cold water when done, etc.. I see a lot of other reviews (particularly on the kits) upset that "it's not actually five minutes," but the cook time itself is five minutes. If they're not getting mad at 5 minute rice they shouldn't be getting mad here. I don't see this as a negative - it's still bubble tea in under ten minutes - but good to know if you're on a tight timeline.

Timothy Avis
Simply the Best

One of the tastiest five minute boba pearls I’ve ever tasted. Good value too.


Gets the job done but doesn’t taste like fresh boba!

So Easy!

So quick and easy to make. These tapioca pearls are the perfect chewy texture every time.

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