Milk Tea 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [12-15 Pack | 4 Flavours]

$46.00 CAD $54.00 CAD

🏡 Convenient & hassle free - make bubble tea in 5 MINUTES from the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

🍵 Makes 12-15 bubble teas - for yourself or a bubble tea party! Enjoy 4 flavour selections so your bubble tea never gets old! Literally! The minimum shelf life of our ingredients is 3 months, so you have plenty of time to finish your kit and cook fresh bubble tea every time!

🎁 Unique and fun gift for any occasion, or a simple & easy kit to enjoy yourself!

💕 Feel good about what you drink! Our boba pearls are naturally vegan & gluten-free

🍃 Our teas are certified organic and fair-trade

💖 Our rich & silky creamer is lactose-free

♻️ Our bubble tea kit box, bags, and paper straws are 100% recyclable & eco-friendly

♻️ Our premium tea filters are made from high quality unbleached paper & are compostable


* This kit is available in a smaller size here: 

Milk Tea 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [6-8 Pack | 2 Flavours]

Calling all bubble tea lovers - our 5 minute bubble tea kit lets you make premium bubble tea faster than ever before right at home with our easy, quick, & simple recipe! All ingredients are sourced and pre-measured by us to make your cooking experience as hassle-free & fun as possible! 


Each Kit Includes

- 1 Premium topping: 5 min boba/ tapioca pearls or ready-to-eat popping pearls or ready-to-eat jellies (vegan & gluten-free)
- Rich & silky sweetened creamer (lactose-free)
- Premium loose-leaf tea (organic & fair-trade)
- Durable paper straws
- Compostable paper tea filters
- Signature 5 min bubble tea recipe (with a BONUS liquid milk/ milk alternative substitution recipe)


** Due to the colder weather and to ensure holiday orders remain fresh for longer gifting periods, all 5 Min Boba Pearls will be in vacuum sealed packaging instead of being placed in the kraft paper bag noted in product photos.


Current Tea Flavours

- Signature Black Milk Tea
- Oolong Milk Tea
- Earl Grey Milk Tea
- Green Milk Tea
- Jasmine Rose Milk Tea
- Garden Milk Tea (Seasonal)
- Smoky Green Milk Tea (Seasonal)
- Pumpkin Spice Milk Tea (Seasonal)


Hands Down the Best Gift

The 5 Minute Bubble Tea Kit is available to ship anywhere within Canada and the US! We also offer a free personalized message that can be included with each gift in the "Add Order Note" section in your Cart! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Liu, Di

Milk Tea 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [12-15 Pack | 4 Flavours]

Natasha Young

I've ordered this set a few times. We really enjoy making it. The flavour is really nice.

So Easy & Delicious

Great to fulfill your boba craving at home, the taste is amazing.

Lynn Bosse
Christmas gift

Haven't had a chance to taste the bubble tea yet as these are Christmas gifts. The packaging is nice and the packs of bubble tea and container of popping boba are larger than I expected.

Best gift!

My daughter loves these kits - Santa is going to surprise her with more - she loves her tea!

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