Brown Sugar Syrup

$9.00 USD

Sweeten and elevate the flavor of your Black Sugar Boba Pearls by soaking them in our premium handmade brown sugar syrup! Or mix this syrup with our lactose-free creamer to make super tasty Brown Sugar Milk Tea!

Make sure to get some of our other ingredients to make your own bubble tea from the comfort of your home, and for a much lower price!

♻️ Our packaging is recyclable & eco-friendly


Product Details

Small: 220 ml (Makes 6-8 cups of bubble tea)

Large: 440 ml (Makes 12-15 cups of bubble tea)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Small Town
Boba syrup

I loved the brown sugar syrup in my bubble tea. The only thing that would be better is if the containers lid would be smaller/slimmer or have a spout so it can be easier to drizzle the syrup.

Jenise Terrico
Brown sugar syrup

I really like this product, I'm sure I could make it myself but this takes away the hassle, very sweet, goes well with the creamy fruit Thai milk flavor. Only bad thing, lots comes out at a time, and my only suggestion for that would be to have another lid with a spout to use when drizzling your glass.

gaby teha
so happy!!

so pleased with this, tastes just like what you would find in a boba shop!

Mae MacDonald
Best Brown Sugar Syrup

This syrup has the best brown sugar flavour without being too sweet. It is nicely thick so you can use it for decoration and flavouring.

Faith Jantori
Brown Sugar Syrup

So good! Tastes just like what the put in boba tea and the boba tea shops!

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