Creamy Fruit 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [12-15 Pack | 4 Flavours]

$45.00 CAD

🏡 Convenient & hassle free - make bubble tea in 5 MINUTES from the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

🍵 Makes 12-15 bubble teas - for yourself or a bubble tea party! Enjoy 4 flavour selections so your bubble tea never gets old! Literally! The minimum shelf life of our ingredients is 3 months, so you have plenty of time to finish your kit and cook fresh bubble tea every time!

🎁 Unique and fun gift for any occasion, or a simple & easy kit to enjoy yourself!

💕 Feel good about what you drink! Our boba pearls are naturally vegan & gluten-free

💖 Our rich & delicious bubble tea mix is lactose-free

♻️ Our bubble tea kit box, bags, and paper straws are 100% recyclable & eco-friendly


* This kit is available in a smaller size here: 

Creamy Fruit 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [6-8 Pack | 2 Flavours]

Calling all bubble tea lovers - our 5 minute bubble tea kit lets you make premium bubble tea faster than ever before right at home with our easy, quick, & simple recipe! All ingredients are sourced and pre-measured by us to make your cooking experience as hassle-free & fun as possible! 


Each Kit Includes
- 1 Premium topping: 5 min boba/ tapioca pearls or ready-to-eat popping pearls or ready-to-eat jellies (vegan & gluten-free)
- Rich & delicious sweetened bubble tea mix (lactose-free)
- Durable paper straws
- Signature 5 min bubble tea recipe
** Due to the colder weather and to ensure holiday orders remain fresh for longer gifting periods, all 5 Min Boba Pearls will be in vacuum sealed packaging instead of being placed in the kraft paper bag noted in product photos.


Current Flavours

- Taro
- Mango
- Strawberry
- Honeydew
- Peach
- Mocha Coffee (Seasonal)
- Papaya (Seasonal)
- Pina Colada (Seasonal)
- Guava (Seasonal)
- Pineapple (Seasonal)
- Matcha (Seasonal)
- Thai Milk Tea (Seasonal)


Hands Down the Best Gift

The 5 Minute Bubble Tea Kit is available to ship anywhere within Canada and the US! We also offer a free personalized message that can be included with each gift in the "Add Order Note" section in your Cart! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Desiree Bedell
Great set!

The mixes smell amazing! Easy to use and are a fun homemade treat!


I'm really happy with my purchase. I've hade bubble tea before, but the shop near me opens too late for me and there are always massive lineups. I loved the quick shipping and the easy with which it was to make each tea. I will definitely be buying again.


This fruit milk tea kit is so good! The flavors are very bright and delicious and when mixed with boba pearls it is the perfect drink!

Michelle Adolph
Great gift idea

Made a great gift - easy to use and delicious!!

Melinda Lo

Great kit for boba tea lovers.

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