Mango 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [6-8 Pack]

$24.00 USD

Each Kit Includes

- 1 Premium topping: 5 min boba/ tapioca pearls (215 g) or ready-to-eat popping pearls (375 g) or ready-to-eat jellies (355 g) or ready-to-eat crystal boba (365 g)

- Mango syrup - 280 ml x 1 bottle

- Premium jasmine green or black teabags - 2 g x 6 teabags

- 6 Durable paper straws

- 1 Signature 5 min bubble tea recipe

Calling all bubble tea lovers - our 5 minute bubble tea kit lets you make premium bubble tea faster than ever before right at home with our easy, quick, & simple recipe! All ingredients are sourced and pre-measured by us to make your cooking experience as hassle-free & fun as possible! 
Lightly infused with mango pulp, elevate and re-create your favourite bubble tea flavour right at home! Easily make a large pitcher for a party by adding more tea and syrup! 

🏡 Convenient & hassle free - make bubble tea in 5 MINUTES from the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

🍵 Makes 6-8 bubble teas - for yourself or a bubble tea party!

♻️ Our bubble tea kit box, bags, and paper straws are recyclable, compostable & eco-friendly

Other Sizes

* This kit is available in a bigger size at the link below:

Fruit Tea 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [12-15 Pack | 2 Flavours]


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Perfect for Summer!

I received this back in April and made my first one immediately. Depending how you like your boba, you may want to adjust the syrup levels. I originally used the recommended amount of 4 tablespoons and, while drinkable, I found it extremely sweet.

I hadn't made it again until recently with our weather getting hotter and it has been amazing. I've been halving the amount of syrup and it's absolutely perfect.

Lynne Christman
Great as a gift!

I sent this to my niece for her 11th birthday and it was a huge hit

Amanda M.
What a great way to make boba tea at home

I love boba tea, especially the popping bubbles, so when I saw there was a way to make it at home I was happy to save some money compared to buying at a tea shop. I find I don't follow the instructions exactly, because I like my tea less sweet and that's also the great thing about it, I can make it the way I want! Its very easy to do. My only word of advice is to make the tea ahead of time because it does take a long time to cool down.

Marie-Pier Bergeron

Produits de grande qualité, délicieux et facile à réaliser à la maison grâce aux instructions.

Aminata Diagne


Sarah Warren
Easy & Tasty!

I’m from the city and got hooked on boba…then I moved to a tiny island that doesn’t have any boba shop 😭 for a year and a half I missed my favourite drink and thanks to this wonderful company I can now make it at home! My kit only lasted me 3 days so I will be ordering more 😅 it’s not a problem I just really like boba.

Caroline M
Great flavour!

My daughter and I loved this product. It’s easy to make and tastes just as good if not better than the ones she was buying at the malls. We can’t wait to order again.

Tiffany D
Just like in the stores!

The Mango bubble tea was delicious! It was very easy to make (even for me who can burn water) and tasted just like the ones I buy in stores. Great product and I’ll be ordering more for sure!

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