Passion Fruit Syrup

$17.00 CAD

This tropical fruit will leave your taste buds delighted and going back for seconds!

Make sure to get some of our toppings and premium teabags to make your own bubble tea from the comfort of your home, and for a much lower price!

♻️ Our packaging is 100% recyclable & eco-friendly


Product Details

Small: 325 ml (Makes 6-8 cups of bubble tea)

Large: 650 ml (Makes 12-15 cups of bubble tea)

*The Large size is 2 Small size bottles*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
My favourite!

This was my first attempt at making homemade fruit tea. I bought the strawberry, mango and passionfruit syrups and they’re all delicious, but the passionfruit is my favourite! So flavourful without being too sweet.


verry good taste,
but .....littel expensive.$$$

10 Stars

It is so fun to make boba tea at home. We love the selection of flavours.
My whole family loves it. Also makes for a great gift!


Excellent sur toute la ligne!
Le goût est incroyable et comparable aux meilleurs Bubble Tea achetés au commerce! La texture et le goût des gelés et des perles sont aussi remarquables!

Laurie Cavanaugh
So good!

We had been introduced to popping boba sodas at a local store at our mall and had recently decided to make our own. The passion fruit syrup is such a delicious flavour and far surpasses the taste of the store bought versions we have tried in the past. My kids love it…great paired up with Lychee and Strawberry popping boba so far. Looking forward to trying other flavours as well!

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