Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

$27.00 CAD

Enjoy your favourite homemade or take-out bubble tea drinks, while creating zero waste and being environmentally sustainable! Our 24oz reusable bubble tea cups are suitable for cold & hot drinks, and have more than enough space to hold regular & large bubble tea sizes. The lid and reusable bubble tea straw are uniquely wide to fit boba/ tapioca pearls.


- Includes 1 Reusable Bubble Tea Cup, 1 Lid, 1 Reusable Bubble Tea Straw, and 1 Straw Cleaning Brush

- Twist-On Lid for extra security

- Reusable Bubble Tea Straw has a built-in Rubber Stopper to keep the straw from slipping out the bottle

- Silicone Seal on Lid to secure liquids from spilling when the straw isn't in the bottle

- Double-wall

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martha N.
Perfect gift!

Amazing packaging, speedy delivery, great gift :)

Arianne Beauregard

Love everything i bought!! the reusable cup, the strawberry syrup & the popping boba pearls! i will definitely be buying again.

Tamara Michèle

If you love Boba just get the cup. You won't regret it! I've bought 2 and alternate. It has enough room for ice and can make an extra large boba for a special treat to go!

Crystal Massier

We love everything we've tried so far!

Melanie T.
A great buy

I love this cup/straw combo so much, I use it every day. It was a bit of a impulse buy and it was off an Insta-ad so I was a bit nervous but I don't regret it at all.

The cup itself is glass with a plastic screwable top and the straw is a sturdy metal. I use it for literally everything from iced coffee to soda to water and i really like the shape of it. It's a lot more aesthetically pleasing than a regular mason jar and holds a fair amount of liquid too

The customer service team are stars too. I had a little issue with Canada Post but they took care of it and I had my package in hand a couple of days after. They were professional, kind and very helpful! 5/5 recommend this company and product based on this experience.

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