SEASONAL SUBSCRIPTION: Milk Tea 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [12-15 Pack | 4 Flavours]

$36.00 CAD

Each Kit Includes

- Premium 5 min boba/ tapioca pearls (430 g)

- Rich & silky sweetened creamer (lactose-free*) - 390 g x 1 pack

- Premium loose-leaf tea - 7-12 g x 4 packs

- 12 Durable paper straws

- 12 Compostable paper tea filters

- 1 Signature 5 min bubble tea recipe (with a BONUS liquid milk/ milk alternative substitution recipe)


*Not dairy-free, contains milk proteins


Available Flavours ( You Pick 2! )

- Signature Black Milk Tea

- Earl Grey Milk Tea

- Oolong Milk Tea

- Green Milk Tea

- Jasmine Rose Milk Tea

Surprise Flavours ( We Pick 2! )



To be revealed when you receive your new subscription box!

Our 5 Minute Bubble Tea Kits that you know & love are becoming Seasonal Subscription Boxes! Get fresh bubble tea ingredients delivered right to your doorstep at the start of every season - that's 4 boxes per year! You pick 2 staple flavours for your box & we pick the other 2 to match the season! Try something new while enjoying your most-loved flavours! 

Calling all bubble tea lovers - our 5 minute bubble tea kit lets you make premium bubble tea faster than ever before right at home with our easy, quick, & simple recipe! All ingredients are sourced and pre-measured by us to make your cooking experience as hassle-free & fun as possible! 

🏡 Convenient & hassle free - make bubble tea in 5 MINUTES from the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

🍵 Makes 12-15 bubble teas - for yourself or a bubble tea party! Get a taste of 2 flavours of your choosing & 2 surprise flavours that we pick so your bubble tea never gets old! It changes with the seasons!

🎁 Gift the beautifully-designed subscription box to a friend, or enjoy it yourself!

💖 Our rich & silky creamer is lactose-free

♻️ Our bubble tea kit box, bags, and paper straws are recyclable, compostable & eco-friendly

♻️ Our premium tea filters are made from high quality unbleached paper & are compostable

Flavour 1:
Flavour 2:

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I love it

Great box!

Loved my box and the customer service that was provided was exceptional. I know that has nothing to do with the box itself, but it HAS to be mentioned! Can't wait to order my popping Boba. Love this small company.

Sofie S.
So fun!!

My little brother is obsessed with bubble tea, and this was the absolute perfect gift for him for his 13th birthday. He’s loved all the flavors and it takes hardly any time to make the boba! He makes bubble tea all the time now (and has stopped begging me to take him to get some at a cafe, which means this is just as good, or better)! This is perfect for a gift (or for treating yourself!) and is so simple, fun, and tasty! I’d absolutely recommend Bauble Boba!

Erika Smith
More delicious than what I buy at restaurants

The boba is nice and soft when cooked. The tea is super delicious with the brown sugar syrup. I used all the teas up super quick!! The creamer provided is really nice too. I made a huge batch of tea and used the creamer, which I drank over the course of a couple days.

Catherine B
Game changer!

I've tried making bubble tea at home before and I never have the patience to get my tapioca quite chewy enough. This kit makes it SO easy to make a store-tasting treat at home! I love the teas that came with the kit (the pumpkin spice was my favourite pumpkin spice tea I've ever tried), but also liked trying it with teas I have at home (peach was excellent).

If you're a bubble tea enthusiast, it's worth it! I've saved a bunch of money not going out every time I've got a boba craving

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