SEASONAL SUBSCRIPTION: Creamy Fruit 5 Min Bubble Tea Kit [12-15 Pack | 4 Flavours]

$31.00 USD
Our 5 Minute Bubble Tea Kits that you know & love are becoming Seasonal Subscription Boxes! Get fresh bubble tea ingredients delivered right to your doorstep at the start of every season - that's 4 boxes per year! You pick 2 staple flavors for your box & we pick the other 2 to match the season! Try something new while enjoying your most-loved flavors! 
🏡 Convenient & hassle free - make bubble tea in 5 MINUTES from the comfort of your own home whenever you want!

🍵 Makes 12-15 bubble teas - for yourself or a bubble tea party! Get a taste of 2 flavours of your choosing & 2 surprise flavours that we pick so your bubble tea never gets old! It changes with the seasons!

🎁 Gift the beautifully-designed subscription box to a friend, or enjoy it yourself!

💖 Our rich & delicious bubble tea mix is lactose-free

♻️ Our bubble tea kit box, bags, and paper straws are recyclable, compostable & eco-friendly


Calling all bubble tea lovers - our 5 minute bubble tea kit lets you make premium bubble tea faster than ever before right at home with our easy, quick, & simple recipe! All ingredients are sourced and pre-measured by us to make your cooking experience as hassle-free & fun as possible! 


Each Kit Includes

- 1 Premium topping: 5 min boba/ tapioca pearls (430 g) or ready-to-eat popping pearls (755 g) or ready-to-eat jellies (710 g)
- Rich & delicious sweetened bubble tea mix (lactose-free*) - 115 g x 4 packs
- 12 Durable paper straws 
- 1 Signature 5 min bubble tea recipe card

* Not dairy-free, contains milk proteins


Available Flavours ( You Pick 2! )

- Taro
- Mango
- Strawberry
- Honeydew
- Peach
- Thai Milk Tea
- Matcha
Surprise Flavours ( We Pick 2! )
To be revealed when you receive your new subscription box!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tracey Pronyk-Ward

Decided to try the seasonal subscription. Was very impressed with everything from the packaging to the taste of the teas. Looking forward to my next box.

Phoenix Scientia
Best boba at home EVER!

Honestly love how easy these kits are. And everything tastes great
Honestly best at home boba ever. I love the taro milk tea with the black boba pearls. Ready in 5 min. Can't wait to put my next order in!


My husband and I have really enjoyed our subscription box...he loves the strawberry and I love the taro. We live 30mins outside of the city, so rather handy to have everything to make a delicious beverage at home.

Olivia Eaton
Great Kit

This was my first time ordering and attempting to make Boba tea. I honestly thought it would not turn out but it's been amazing! Kit comes with clear and simple instructions and the flavors are delicious. I've been having fun matching my straw to my tea color but I think I'll need to get a reusable straw soon.

2nd Box Of The Year And I'm Impressed!!

The title says it all! I'm currently doing the seasonal boxes and I have to say I'm loving them! I started off trying their bubble tea through a Christmas gift and now I'm addicted.

Wonderful bubble tea

I live about 6 hours from the nearest bubble tea shop. This has been the ideal, delicious solution to my bubble tea cravings!

Tan Lam
Really yummy Boba tea

The taste of it was sooooo good. Need to buy some more because my family drank up all of my bauble boba tea.

The perfect gift!

I was looking for something different for my teen for Christmas. The subscription is the perfect gift for them! Looking forward to the creations that will soon be made. Great customer service and shipping times!

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